Monday, October 23, 2006

Link of the Day

Awesome images! How else to describe Our Earth as Art, seen from the Landsat-7 satellite. The Atlas Mountains. The Netherlands shore line. A complete Brazilian river system. Colima volcano. The fjords of Iceland. The Volga River delta and many other remarkable sights. All available as high-def image files for downloading, no charge (your government at work for you...) Be sure to take a good look.


Lane said...

OOOOOOOOH! This I LOVE! Makes me wanna get a color photo grade printer. Maybe I'll call a friend and have her download and print for me! Yum YUM!

Granny J said...

I have always loved aerial views! Always get a seat next to the window on airplanes, if I can. It's fun to cross check the reality against the topo maps, which you can do if you make the same trip over and over again!

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