Thursday, September 28, 2006

Deja Vu All Over Again

When I got the email reporting that New Frontiers now stocks Real Whole Milk (you know, the kind with the cream on top as Nature intended), I was reminded of a recent sight in a local emporium: Cut-Rite wax paper!

To those of you who wonder how on earth Mom packaged PB&J or Spam sandwiches BZB (Before Ziplock Bags), let me explain. When my mother made those sandwiches (always with lettuce that wilted), back before you were born, she used wax paper. Sometimes it was boughten, on a roll, made by Cut-Rite. A real luxury. Often it was rescued wrapping from the last crust of bread. There was no such thing as Reynolds Wrap or Saran Wrap. (And still we survived!)

Funny that these boxes of Cut-Rite are now branded by the company (Reynolds) that caused the near-demise of wax paper!

What's next? Maybe real linoleum (made from linseed oil) and real checkered oil cloth for the kitchen table? Ain't retro great?

Later Note: It may or may not be grand -- but I just found out that it sure is green. Wife of an acquaintance recently discovered this and wanted some for her kitchen. Oops! From Home Depot on down, everybody said "no such thing for the past xxx years. These days the word 'linoleum' means 'vinyl.'" Guess she'll have to go to Calif. in her Prius to find such a "green" product.

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Lane said...

My recent retro story. I finally found my "teenage dream bike"... the one my girlfriend had back in highschool, sitting at the thrift store. So I bought it and outfitted it with new "rubber". Then got on the thing... a 10-speed that you have to lean WAY over to ride (and brake). Well my almost 50year old body ain't what it used to be, so after lots of attempts (scary stuff!)I finally yesterday gave it to my lanky 13 year old nephew who got on the thing and zoomed around like a fish in water! Ah well...

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