Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Beaucoup Badgers at Prescott High School

One thing that calling your team The Badgers has going for it -- it's not likely some interest group or another will boycott or protest the name. Prescott High School is home free!

Not that I'm a big one for football. I gave up on that sport the day I graduated from Robt. E. Lee HS down in Jacksonville FL almost too long ago to recall. In fact, I'm not one for sports that involve stadiums, large crowds, cheer leaders, TV cameras/ announcers, and all that paraphernalia. Do like marching bands, however.

The real reason I'm writing this right now is I passed by the practice field this afternoon. I was reminded by all those young men in shoulder pads and helmets that not only is it the right season, but the football operation created a lot of photo ops over at PHS! I took the pictures on an evening in July when I visited the school for the first time for the Arizona Shakespeare Festival.

Take a look at the neat tile likeness above...

...or the big tracks on a sidewalk leading to the field.

The wily badger even gets his picture (and tracks) into one of the many mural windows on the campus.

However, he must have been in his den when this billboard was painted. While the ferocious look more or less duplicates the mascots above, I doubt that it is a good portrait of any of the players. If I thought that muscle-bound comic book barbarians like this lurked about at PHS, I'd make myself scarce!

But if you're into football or want to know more about the team, they keep a web site you can visit here.

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Lane said...

I remember that night! What a great time! Trying to figure out how to cut out the reflection on the murals...holding up sheets, umbrellas, etc. Just couldn't get rid of that darned mountain in the background!

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