Thursday, September 14, 2006

How About a Jurassic NeverNeverLand?

It's only been a couple of months since I was last out Iron Springs Road. In that short period, a window to Faerie or perhaps a time warp to the Jurassic has opened up. However you view it, there's a growing zoological wonderland in full sight at one of the big estates to the south of the highway near Willow Creek. Gossip says that the huge life-size (or bigger) scupts are created by the son of the house, who needs a place to store his output. It's a super gallery, too!

When I last photographed the scene, Old Triceratops was the lone dinosaur present. Now he's been joined by T. Rex #1 (top shot) and Brontosaurus (above with the Triceratops), not to mention T.Rex #2 below.

The bucking bronc was there previously -- but the dragon is a welcome new resident.

Also combining the imaginary menagerie with the real -- a bucking unicorn plus a mountain sheep.

Two life-size ostriches -- only one is visible here -- plus H.M. Cobra (Highly Magnified) complete my day's collection.

Honest, everybody -- this is simply an amazing sight to come across! There are other smaller animals I couldn't reach from the road with my current lens. I expect that the collection will grow in the months ahead; I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you want a dinosaur or two, how about something a little less imposing -- say, origami.

Further Note: my dinosaurs made it onto the Friday Ark (just barely)...go take a look, if you're into any kind of animal! Another link that might interest you: Angie included Walking Prescott in a neat list of Arizona links; she's a Prescott writer.


Sarah said...

You can't count, GrannyJ -- I saw not one but two brontosauri.

angie said...

I love visiting your blog - sometimes I recognize places/views and other times I learn about cool new stuff. Awesome photos of the critter sculptures!

k said...

These are wonderful!

Granny J said...

Sarah -- you're right -- somehow the count just didn't fit into the space!

Angie -- welcome! I hope I can keep coming up with cool new stuff for you.

K -- I suspect there will be more critters!

Lane said...

This is a private property thing? What a, loss for word..."Thingy!" Or thingies. I have visions of the artist(s) and blow torches and paper models and stuff. Wow...where one's mind must hang out!?

Granny J said...

Can't really complain -- the stauary is quite visible from Iron Springs Rd. -- and it could have been hidden in a barn or some such. I think the guy's got a great gallery going.

Warren said...

I stumbled across the dinosaurs while driving out Iron Springs road last weekend and was quite surprised to see this! Very cool.

When I got back home I searched your blog to see if you had seen it or not -- your pictures are great, especially since they have people in them to show the scale. [and lets face it, what are reptiles without scale] cheers -- Warren

Granny J said...

warren -- aren't the dinosaurs the greatest? Have you managed to locate the source -- that wonderland of rusted animal sculpts on the west side of I-17 at the main Anthem turn-off? All kinds of critters there.

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