Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Marked Down in Prescott

The stern moralist side of me says, "About time! What could they have been thinking!!" The futurist part is concerned about tomorrow's fallout from the real estate run up in prices. My motherly instinct is to worry that my daughter's family might have to sell in a panicked real estate market if husband lands the job he's shooting for.

Properties in these three pictures were actually the only visible mark-downs at the big real estate operation on Gurley near Montezuma. Lots of high-priced houses and land still posted in the window there. (Sorry about the reflections -- that's the price I pay for using a snap-shot camera.)

If you enjoy housing gloom and doom talk, there's a blog up in Flagstaff that will satisfy your cravings! It's called, appropriately enough, The Housing Bubble Blog. Click here.

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