Monday, September 11, 2006

Like a Butterfly Tasting Nectar...

Sometimes a walk is like that. Ostensibly, my goal this afternoon was the bank -- and I did make it there. But on the way, I couldn't help stopping to grab a picture of this and of that distraction.

My one disappointment: the loud to-do among the acorn woodpeckers. Some five to seven in one pine tree, shouting loudly about Something of Great Importance to acorn woodpeckers. I'll never get a good picture of birds such as these until I graduate to a grown-up camera and expensive lenses!

In compensation, I was introduced to Linus. He is the Central American parrot sitting on neighbor Bill's shoulder. I also enjoyed a brief tour of his backyard garden (below).

Further along my route, free books, on a bench in front of the Dinner Bell. Somehow the preprinted plastic bag, although maybe a good idea during the monsoon, takes away from the spontaneity of the gesture. The books? A Lewis Gizzard and a John Grisham.

The seeds and the leaves of this tree along Granite Creek literally shout, "MAPLE!!!" Indeed, the boxelder is "neither a boxwood nor an elder, but a maple," says my Shrubs and Trees of the Southwest Uplands guidebook. One un-maple-like disappointment: no brilliant red leaves in the autumn.

Still further on my walk, after a session at the bank, where I foolishly left my walking staff, I spotted this brickwork at the Underground, a religious operation in the basement at the corner of Gurley and Montezuma.

Next pretty thing catching my eye -- parasols in a shop window across from the Courthouse. I've already bemoaned the passing of the parasol from our sunny state.

And, finally, ceiling fans at The Raven, a new bistro over on Cortez, where I stopped, hoping to learn more about Coyote Radio which currently resides there. Nobody was home so I had a huge (really huge), yummy club sandwich instead. By the way, it took more than a little PhotoShopping to make those fans visible...

There you are: a partial look of my picture-taking afternoon. Be warned by my experience: the more you shoot those nearly cost-free images on a digital camera, the more you see to take pictures of. Already I've got over 2,000 stored on my computer, awaiting the right time and place!


kate said...

Mmmm. I really like The Raven. Try them for breakfast sometime, they have really yummy french toast!

Granny J said...

Next door neighbors had recommended them & the Coyote Radio guy, who has been promoting my blog, is situated there, so I'll be back. However, getting me started in time for breakfast is a bit of a muchness!

linda g. said...

Speaking of ravens.........
When the acorn woodpeckers in our pine trees set up a loud scolding there is usually a raven happily prying acorns from the thousands (millions?) they've stored in holes in the branches over the years. These imperious birds pry out and gulp down acorns in smooth rapid movements while completely ignoring the frantic woodpeckers.

Andrew Johnson-Schmit said...

Hi J!

I saw your note on the Studio A door when I came in yesterday to do Prescott Arts Beat. Sorry I missed you. I'd love to sit down at The Raven sometime and ask you about your rambles 'round Prescott.

I love the sweet potato fries and that pear cider they have.

Just interviewed Jody Drake from the Blue Rose Theatre over at Sharlot Hall. What a spark plug! And she sure knows her Prescott history.

I got to say, I love this (not)job.

BTW: If you go to the welcome page on the website, we're featuring your blog right now. Getting a lot of good feedback.

Thanks again and looking forward to meeting up soon,

Granny J said...

Wow -- not quite as big as life! Thanks a lot, Andrew. I like blogging -- it's also a not-job for me. First time I've done editorial work for the simple fun of it since I left college!

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