Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Post Postscripts

It happens every time. Once a post is published, more information turns up ... you finally get the picture that would have completed your little sketch ... or you simply have deep and cogent afterthoughts.

Take the recent monsoon weather, with which I am obsessed. (If you don't believe me, look here, here and here!) We can thank the rains for the lazy look of Granite Creek above, with grasses flattened by recent high water.

Not to mention this unexpected Arizona sight -- a big supply of sandbags over in the Sharlot Hall parking lot. I think these arrived with all that talk of Hurricane John possibly drowning Yavapai County. It hasn't -- yet.

I didn't need to get sandbags, but I did consult with The Google about Arizona hurricanes. Found out a lot. There's a even Wikipedia article on the subject, complete with a list of tropical storms/hurricanes that have hit the state since 1958. Another article details storms since 1902 and two others (here and here) also provide lists (each different, of course.)

What it all adds up to is that those "100-year" storms that happen every couple of years ... and those "400-year" storms which occur at least once a decade ... turn out to be the remains of a hurricane or a tropical storm. Some have been nasty killers.

But on to other additions to past posts. I was reminded of a lovely photo I had seen of a backlit sunflower when I spotted this little guy, less than a foot tall! For a lot more sunflower talk, you might check back here.

This is such a neat example of civic graffiti I had to include it with these post post scripts.

You may recall my report on the woolly bears that stripped the leaves completely off my fancy South American butterfly milkweed. Guess what -- the leaves have grown back quite happily. I certainly didn't expect that to happen!

As for this car, it is further reminder that I was really, really wrong about how dull car colors are these days. Admittedly it's a VW which, together with PT Cruisers tend to come in more colors than the usual Detroit or Tokyo cars.

And I close this update of previous posts with an excellent example of the Well Organized Bulletin Board. You'll find this one in the deli section of Arizona Natural Foods over on Gurley Street.


k said...

Ya know somethin', Miss Granny J? I just love the hell out of your blog!

Granny J said...

You're a good kid, k -- and a good read, too.
BTW, I updated the milkweed saga because of your concern earlier on back when the stems were bare.

k said...

Oh, thank you! I was so glad to see the milkweed come back so well. It's funny, getting that mass defoliation can either kill them, or inspire them to just burst out full of life again.

Like my Desert Rose, after an Attack of the Frittilaries.

Lane said...

The VW's...I saw a color I had not seen before on a bug. It was a muted beige with a light tan convertible top. Now, it was not bright, but it just looked like a 5th grader in a tuxedo...and pulling it off as well!

kate said...

Thank you for the link! I was just ogling a bunch of sunflower photos on Flickr and thought you might like to see too: Sunflower group

They have HUMUNGOUS sunflowers here in Corvallis. I haven't snapped any yet, though.

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