Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Wild Pink Daisy

I've been gathering a bouquet of late summer wild flowers to post -- and I got caught up in, to me, the big surprise that the wild precursor to the flambouyant garden cosmos is a pink daisy found in the wetter spots
locally. I found the group above over on Willow Street just south of Gurley. They are right beside the pavement, where a depression catches and stores the run-off.

This flower was blooming on a moist hillside in the Mountain Club area. Other locations where I've seen them: the White Spar Road at the Ponderosa Park turnoff and the south end of Lynx Lake next to the blacktop. The wild cosmos are a pale pink; the size of the flower seems to vary with the amount of moisture.

When I first ran into the wild cosmos, I just naturally assumed that they were descended from the garden variety planted by pioneer women. Apparently they are natives. They don't make the splash that their tame cousins do. Still I think it's neat to come across them unexpectedly as I did Monday.


Andrew Johnson-Schmit said...

Beautiful photos!

Thanks, Julie.

Have you ever done a piece on Anne's sunflower patch over on Willis & McCormick?

Granny J said...

Thank you for the compliment!
And, yes -- see Aug. 1 post --

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