Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dead Things

When you wander around town, you're bound to see a lot of dead things. Fortunately, few of them are from the animal kingdom -- that would make me very sad, as opposed to merely philosophical. Today's dead things are all the product of man's hand.

Like the rubble heap above -- I think it was once a cottage. It's going to leave less of a footprint in time than many of those much cruder Indian dwellings that local archeologists unearth periodically.

These bones of a bicycle might survive time. At least the metal parts.

A dead mattress. Good thing to get rid of -- I'll bet everyone has experienced a dead mattress at least once in their lives.

And a sofa long past its prime. There's nothing stranger to me than seeing an overstuffed piece of furniture in the out-of-doors, exposed to the elements.

The dead muffler is not an unusual object; the site of this example is -- right between the Miller Valley post office and the sidewalk. One wonders how it got there! Dead mufflers are most often found out in the boonies on one of those backroads that shakes off assorted car parts.

And, in conclusion, a pair of dead signs I saw just the other day. Each had an ephemeral purpose -- one, a business rental availability, and the other, of course, the recent primary election.

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