Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 Comment

My husband and I were alerted by NPR to turn on the tube; we saw plane #2 strike one of the Towers; we saw the improbable collapse of both buildings as it happened.

We had been foolishly innocent about the worshippers of Death who claim the religious high ground. No more. Like most of my fellow countrymen, I believe in the power of Life; I celebrate Life here, now and in the future.


Andrew Johnson-Schmit said...

Hi J,

In my day job, I manage care-givers and on 9-11 I was woken at some ungodly hour by my emergency pager going off.

When I returned the call, there was a sick care-giver at the other end saying they needed me to scramble and find a replacement to work their shift starting at 8 am.

As she hung-up, she said, "Wasn't that weird about that plane flying into the skyscraper?"

Angie and I don't have t.v., so I got on the computer and fired up My Yahoo to find out what was up. I was thinking, some terrible navigational error perhaps? A few minutes later, I walked into the bedroom and watched Angie still sleeping.

I was thinking, "I should wake her up and tell her what's happened."

But I couldn't. I wanted one of us to have a few hours more of sleeping in a country not at war.

So I got dressed and went to work and started making calls and, a few hours later, I called phoned and told her the news.

This is one of the few times I remember where I was when something global happened.

Lane said...

I came down the stairs from leading a therapy group in the substance abuse treatment center where I work. It was on TV sounds like the same moment you saw it. My knees buckled, face blanched. I wondered what to do for the women here who had all gone through much untimely death in their own addicted lives. I went to the store, bought flowers, and set up a prayer/meditation room for all of us to use as we choose.

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