Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Markers Strike Again

The Gurley Street bridge was hit again by either grafitti "artists" or gang markers. Actually, it looks more like would-be artists, but then I'm not in the know about these matters. I just see the result, until it gets washed away or covered up.

The removal squad did a pretty good job on this face in the bridge sidewalk as you approach the Chase Bank -- but they could have done better -- I was able to bring up the image with a little PhotoShoppping.

The phone booth across the street in front of the Dinner
Bell is a favorite target -- including very polite anti-war taggers. Tain't often you see the word "please" in grafitti!

This quick cartoon around features of the meter box is kinda fun. It doesn't shout "Look at me. I am grafitti Boldly Defying The Man!" Instead, it's rather subtle and you might easily miss it in passing.

This entity's tag can be seen around and about town. Just the two words: "Xert! Xhort!" I guess one is supposed to exert! and exhort! simply for the sake of Doing Something, since there are no further instructions.

Bridges and bridge abutments are favorite canvases for the tagger -- even out in the countryside. The elephant (above) is on the Willow Creek bridge out Williamson Valley Rd. The camera caught the mess below earlier this summer out on the Old 89 crossing at Sullivan Lake. Note the swastikas.

Why post this patently "illegal" art? Because it's part of the scene. Because it's evanescent, here today and gone very soon ... a small slice of our daily life here in comfortable Prescott.

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Theo said...

I'd say both you and your artists are pretty provincial! Take a look at the big outside world of grafitti at http://www.graffiti.org/

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