Sunday, September 10, 2006

Note on Progress: Luddism & Pick-Ups

At times, I'm inclined to believe in synchronicity or at least dumb luck. My daughter and I wrote about progress and its price yesterday. Today, what should show up in the Courier classifieds but this curious personal:

WANT TO LIVE much like the Amish but be allowed to own and drive a pick-up, serve in the Armed Forces, vote, serve on juries and, if you aren't blue collar, be able to practice you profession or run your business in town? Contact SCLALN--socially conservative, law-abiding, neo-Luddites. Send long SASE to SCLALN, POB 783, Prescott AZ 86302.

Sounds awfully contradictory to me -- no Ted Kaczinsky's, they, even on their compound, where? Up in that vast, water-poor Juniper Woods subdivision, maybe? If you can't bash a Cray, what fun is Luddism? By the way, the poor old Google sibyl don't know nothing about this crowd.


Andrew Johnson-Schmit said...

So that was sinister banjo music I heard in the distance last night!

Granny J said...

Whoo-ee -- I don't associate banjo music with folk who advertise that they are "social conservatives". Actually, I associate banjo music with Pete Seeger and my late husband who was a damned fine banjo picker, tho he didn't play much after we moved to AZ.

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