Friday, September 15, 2006

Three Squares

After Sam and Linda took me to retrieve my walking stick at the bank, after we had ah-ed and eyed the awesome saurians out Iron Springs Road, it was time for -- you guessed it -- rhubarb pie. And so I was in PV for the first time in quite a while. With my new eye, which is trained for spotting the off-beat Whatever.

Thus it was that I discovered Berry's version of three square meals: breakfast ... lunch ... pies. I'll buy that approach to nutrition any day. Berry's is in a modern, shopping center type of location these days. I liked it better over on Grove Street in the old Victorian. Besides -- it was a helluva lot closer to home. But the pies haven't changed, thank goodness.

Some PV businesses just wouldn't fit into a modern shopping center like the city fathers are promoting these days. Where, for example, would Prescott Valley Archery put all those antlers? Where, by the way, did PV Archery get all those antlers in the first place?

Also ill-suited to the slick modern commercial environment, a business such as this. Tattoos plus a boutique and a Mystery Merchandise clothing exchange. Wonder if they have second hand leathers?


Fred said...

Is there any reason that the pie meal has to be at night? Why not breakfast, pie and dinner?

Lane said...

Ah! I won't comment on pie...I'm on a food plan that is FAR from pie. However, tattoos... Just this morning I was pondering why permanent make up (tattooed eyebrown, eye liner, lips, cheeks, etc...) cost so much more than getting "Mom" tattooed on one's upper arm with an eagle or something wrapped around it. Anybody know?

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