Friday, September 01, 2006

Scenes From a Walk: Discards & Cast-Offs

You might call them the dirty underwear of a city -- those cast-off odds and ends of yesterday's material world that have no place in today's tidy, upbeat society. Sometimes these discards are the result of sheer laziness, like the plastic cups above.

But this scene leaves me with a small lump in my throat. What caused this little guy to be abandoned in an alley? Too many toys? Family moving & left behind? No one will ever know. He sure looks forlorn.

I saw this truck cab upper in a vacant lot on a side street. No telling if it has a future or not. On the other hand (below), here's a pick-up bed that found a home, as a sculpture garden seating area behind one of those arty, painted houses on McCormick Street.

It takes all kinds.


Amy A. said...

I often see shoes on the road as I walk or drive by. I always wonder where the other shoe is and if the owner is desperately searching for it.

Funny what we see when we are observant. Thanks for the fun pictures.

Granny J said...

It's scary sometimes --I now take the camera with me whenever I walk -- and each time I come home, I've got 40-50 exposures! There is so much to see!!

Lane said...

I was a wishin' you took the cow home. I have one like him. I was amazed when in Pakistan many years ago that our streets are still miles ahead of some other places. On the flipside, when in Scotland and England, it seemed that every yard was a postcard waiting to happen.

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