Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Auto Activism: Water

Back when I first started this blogging business, I thought it would be mighty clever to take pictures of bumper stickers at, say, Prescott College -- vs. a shooting range. Nice contrast of causes, I imagined. Perhaps a bumper sticker war, hey?

Having looked into the reality of local bumper stickers, I find that there is too much variety. My original thinking was stupendously simplistic.

So here are bumper stickers on just one subject: water. And no war, either. At least not in the open. Not a single "use lots of water today," for example. Or "Relax! Big Chino Has Lots of Water".

On the other hand, what doesn't get stated on bumper stickers is why I should let my flowers wilt in order to save water for some developer out in the Dells. Or why the guy I talked to the other day, who has a well plus city water, should be required to shut down the well (which he uses for exclusively for landscaping) and substitute what will be expensively de-arsenicked city water for his trees.

And in the meantime, the city has nearly TWENTY YEARS to get its act together and achieve "safe yield." That's mighty kind of a long past state legislature! By me, the whole water situation is as tangled up as spaghetti.

If you have strong feelings about the local water situation or merely want to learn more, you might visit the web pages of the state water resources department or the Citizens Water Advocacy Group. One link at the CWAGAZ site I found especially pertinent was an article about the Salt River Project and its interests in the Verde River system (of which every creek running through Prescott is a part.)

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