Saturday, September 02, 2006

Wild, Wild Weather & More to Come?

It began with a few "plonks!" then speeded up to a big racket. Hail. Not your newsworthy golf ball size stuff, just ordinary hail -- but lots of it and fast.

After pounding for a while, the clouds relented and mixed the hail with one helluva lot of rain water, fast.

And I see that I have a gutter problem. If I'm lucky, I can clean out the obstruction easily, once the threat of another cloudburst passes.

Speaking of cloudbursts, there were dueling predictions in this morning's papers. The Arizona Republic, in a story on Hurricane John out of Mexico City, repeated the uninformed Mexican opinion it has been carrying every day:

"John wasn't likely to affect the United States; cooler Pacific waters tend to diminish storms before they reach California."

In contrast, our local Courier gave John an above the fold front page story: "Hurricane John's left-overs could bring significant rainfall to Yavapai county and wreak havoc on holiday weekend campers."

It added "the Weather Service doesn't expect Hurricane John to affect Arizona as heavily as Hurricane Nora did in 1996, when remnants from that storm dropped 5.75 inches of rain in Bagdad, west of Prescott, and even more in Peeples Valley to the South."

Sunday A.M. Note: Courier & AZ Republic both gave us credit for 0.01" of rain ! Go figure.


Lane said...

What spiffy shots! I always turn into a little girl when it snows or hails. I want to run around and play with the stuff and keep some of it in the freezer for later pondering and reminiscing...well, I don't go out in the golfball size hail, but then, how often does THAT happen?

Granny J said...

Never in my long life time have I seen hail that's much bigger than a nickel in diameter! And that quite rarely.

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