Monday, September 25, 2006

Jurassic Park 2

Little did we know as we set out yesterday -- me with my daughter and granddaughter, down for the day from Flagstaff -- that we had a proper adventure in store. Seemed exciting enough just to have a package of kiddie magic from Denny's that colored the milk pink!

But. Perhaps you recall the scene from your childhood, your nose pressed against the glass of the candy store or the Christmas toy display, wishing and wishing. Like that, there we were, at the fence of the estate with the dragons and dinosaurs because "you've got to see these," I had told the kids.

As we stood there wisting, the lady of the house spotted us and hiked over. She explained that often people stop with their children to look and she invites them in to have their pictures taken. And so we entered the magic realm.

Just to give you a real idea of the size of the T. Rex!

And the brontosaurus.

It's not often a little girl gets to ride a dragon unless she's in a novel by Anne McCaffrey or one of its imitators.

The iron donkey was of a more suitable size for one going on five...

... tho the smaller brontosaurus might have made a good ride in its time.

For some reason the rusty rhino was scary -- the granddaughter didn't last long atop the beast.

The cobra's coil is a fine place to do a final "Whee!"


We learned that most of the critters are made in Mexico and shipped to an importer down in Anthem. Next additions to the zoo include a gargoyle and a unicorn; most recent was a spiky stegasaurus.

Aside from a goof in setting my camera for zoom shots, my only regret looking back is that Sunday was one of those gloriously brilliant fall days in the mountains; photography would have been easier had we had a gloomy overcast!

The splendid lady on Iron Springs Road not only enjoys her wonderful menagerie but enjoys sharing it with strangers. What a great way to live.


Anonymous said...

That is neat stuff. Something to make a kids heart beat a little faster.

Granny J said...

Not just little kids, Steve! The first time I passed by, I did a big WOWEE!!! I wouldn't mind having one of those monsters.

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