Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I Love Bulletin Boards

As a professional media person, I'm fascinated with all forms of public communication. Bulletin boards give voice to a wonderful variety of causes, entertainments, desires, products and services.

At the Catalyst Bookstore over on McCormick Street, I would expect to find primarily environmental & peace activist material.

A more mainstream assortment is to the rule in the windows of local businesses -- although New Age is not unusual.

Another form of bulletin board you'll find inside some businesses -- ones filled with a plethora of business cards, offering a wide range of services such as these out at the airport restaurant.

Things were quiet over at Prescott College's Crossroads Center -- primarily because the cafe was closed, meaning not much traffic. (I didn't get over to Yavapai College. Too bad -- they have several fine outdoor kiosk-type bulletin boards between the buildings, plus a lot of indoor stuff as well.)

However, figuring that maybe a few readers secretly are aspiring cartoonists, I enlarged this notice for a over-night cartooning do over by the new Art for All mural next to the city parking garage on Granite Street. Something to do after you've had a full day of cowboy poetry this Saturday.

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