Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hello, Goodbye, Hello

That's the way of business in Prescott. Everywhere, I guess. Shops and restaurants and bars all come and go. But it's a melancholy day when established folks decide they've had enough and it's time to retire.

I don't recall if the Cat's Meow was at the corner of Gurley and Montezuma when we arrived, but it's been a cornerstone business opposite the Square for a long time. Selling mainly tomorrow's upscale collectibles and tchotkes, some tee's (always a cut or two above the usual Whiskey Row product) and 10-15 kinds of fudge to die for. Oh yes, splendid Christmas ornaments too.

I'll miss the Cat's Meow.

But we may have a new restaurant -- or something -- over on Miller Valley Road. Empty for a long time, this building across from the post office was rehabbed several months ago and then just sat there, daring anyone to figure out what is going on. All of a sudden, there is activity (see above) but still no information. In its previous incarnation, it was a restaurant in the Continental style and a popular, long-time establishment.

This sign painted on the Gurley Street building just west of the creek celebrates businesses past and present. Bradshaw Mountain Photo was superceded by the yoga place & the spa store is now a coffee house. However, Granite Mountain Outfitters are still with us. Good people, too.

I found this abandoned sign over by Prescott College. If I remember correctly, it was one of the incarnations of a coffee house serving students in the old building on the alley which was torn down to make way for the new Crossroads Center. At one time, that building housed a restaurant that served super burgers -- a favorite hangout of ours.

But then, if you want to get a real picture of how businesses come and go, take a look at this site. "Professor" Hall (George C.) happened across an old 35 mm nitrate film in the basement of the Elks Theatre. Produced in 1929 for the local Chamber of Commerce. He's saved it on DVD; it features clips about all the prominent businesses in town at that time and is a splendid period piece.

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