Friday, August 25, 2006

Heard of Ileana Yet?

Both the Arizona Republic and ERAU's weather mailing list are giving Hurricane Ileana some credit for spinning in the moisture that fueled yesterday's heavy downpours here, in Flagstaff, in the Valley and probably elsewhere in the state. However, current predictions are that the rain probably won't be back until after Labor Day.

Not for the record, my neighbor reports that his gauge read 1.8" for yesterday's storm and subsequent drizzle, but that some spray from the downspot might be included in that total. Official rainfall at the airport (which is in a totally different climate zone) was under 0.5".

In case you haven't noticed, the Eastern Pacific (i.e., Mexican Coast) hurricane names are already up to "I", compared to the Atlantic's puny "E" for Ernesto.

And if you share my ideosyncratic obsession with the strange weather in the Arizona mountains, you might go back a few spaces to this page.


k said...

Puny? ha! We don't mind a bit.

Karen of Scottsdale said...

I just noticed the link you gave me. Thank you.

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