Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Business Nostalgia

We weren't in the world of Big Pharma when these nostrums and chemicals were compounded. One look at the bottles, jars, and boxes in the old oak and glass cabinets over at the Goodwin Street Pharmacy is a real trip back memory lane -- if you are old enough. If you aren't, the products will probably just scare you! But then, once upon a time, people knew how to handle chemicals.

Here are a couple of old Maytag washing machines -- makes one appreciate modern conveniences! To get a closer look at this pair, visit the Maytag store on West Gurley Street.

I find it great when individual businessmen are interested enough in the products or services they offer that they become real collectors of the past. The displays certainly give their customers a window, however small, on how people lived in days gone by. A good lesson for any of us, in my books.

1 comment:

Shinga said...

These were both interesting and fun - a great combination.

Thanks for posting them.

Regards - Shinga

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