Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have just proved to myself that I can put together a perfectly good hat post without incurring the wrath of he-who-owns Putting-On-The-Hats. Besides, I've already sneaked photos of that guy's precious stock despite his warning signs.

Basically, these were seen in various shops the day I did Whiskey Row with the DIL. Above, a perfect fit for the 4th and Rodeo days, wouldn't you say? As for the lacy pink confection below, let's hope that the Gdotter is long past her pastel days when her head is big enough to wear it. On the other hand, that orange lurking there below is a nice possibility for the Dotter, who's into warm, sunny colors.

My sister-in-law down in OZ might like one of these red chapeaux -- she wears the red and purple on special occasions.

As for the DIL, she wasn't very enthusiastic when I asked her to try on the flame model. But she did comply. BTW, that's my favorite of the lot, but then I'm into flames Big Time.


quilteddogs said...

What a hoot to imagine you sneaking photos. The lurking & intrepid photographer.

Ron Bloomquist said...

Walking, Gawking, Sneaking.

Works for me!

You go girl!

Jarart said...

Ha! Good for you! I've always wondered why they don't want people to take pictures in that place.

Granny J said...

qd -- I think it happened because I start taking pictures before anyone stops me, so I always have at least one or two of the forbidden fruit.

ron -- right on!

jarart -- I can understand the big box chain policy -- figuring that any picture taking might be a competitor's shopper. However, I never did understand the hat guy's thinking.

David Kirk said...

Scares me! Thanks!

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