Thursday, April 22, 2010

Elderly housing notes

One of the views from my window: The Bradshaw, a subsidized apartment complex for the elderly. It's about to grow to fill an empty acre or two to the rear...

...where a small version of those ubiquitous yellow earth moving machines was out and about recently, digging up the bush. Next day, I spotted a former tree...

...and a heap of the usual detritus that spontaneously erupts on vacant land.

The following morning, the smallish machine was hunkered down behind a wall of diggings, which it began to attack as soon as it awakened.

More machines later, more earth was being moved from a heap here to a pile there.

The white truck? An amenity -- once in a while it squirts water (below) to keep the dust in line. Wonder how much that adds to the cost of the project...

Gotcha -- took several tries to catch the shovel dumping!

While on the topic of senior housing: in February my zoom lens nearly gave me a decent hint of what's happening near Las Fuentes at Canterbury Lane, where a project called The Boulders might be underway. That would be my interpretation of the tall mounds of earth plus two hints of earth-moving yellow equipment to the right. Sorry for all the guesswork, but our local paper doesn't follow through on projects once details are nailed down to the satisfaction of building & zoning officials.

All of which led me to further checking. Weren't there other senior housing plans afoot? The answer, yes. Highgate Senior Living Community in Prescott Lakes. A big expansion of Granite Gate in the Dells. Plus a major complex on the JC Ranch property in Chino Valley. Sound like a lot of competition for the senior $$$; perhaps the investors anticipate an influx of Californians seeking lower cost quarters in Arizona. Or just maybe one or more of these projects will evaporate as did those Montezuma/Goodwin corner condos.


Anonymous said...

In addition to the Californians, I expect you'll all receive hundreds (if not thousands) of retirees from Phoenix.. to escape, once and for all, the smog and heat.

~Anon in AV.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to photos of the construction site for the Prescott Boulders on Canterbury Lane. They really tore up a section of Granite Creek.

Granny J said...

anon av -- I've always been surprised at how many of the residents are actually from Prescott!

dagny -- thanks much for the link. I hadn't realized how much land was involved or that it crossed the branch of Granite Creek. What a mess!

Steve said...

You are probably correct about the influx of the retired folks looking for a cheaper place to live.

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