Sunday, June 29, 2008

Prescott stars in blogger's photo debut

The Old Firehouse Plaza has added a collection of scupts along the back entrance (next the city garage) -- a group of fire hydrants! Couldn't resist photographing them on the way to the Ian Russell Gallery (below), celebrating its first birthday.

I had been invited by Rich, who also blogs Prescott. He was making his debut as an artist, with a collection of strange and remarkable photographic prints, primarily of the Dells. It's been a fascinating evolution to observe, from high techie to a possible new career in the arts.

While at the gallery, I couldn't resist photographing this warrior; with Norwegian ancestors, I have a weakness for Vikings.

Here are the principals -- Ian Russell, gallery owner and artist, and Rich, my blogging friend. It was neat to have a chance to see more of Russell's work; a print of his Kitchen Opera has been in my SIL's kitchen for years!

Another blogger of my acquaintance, Sadira, she of Fooleswoode, tells visitors about Rich's photographic approach.

And the Sson had a long conversation with Rich, also about how he turns high quality, standard photos into a science fiction experience. You should take a look at his work at the gallery or visit him on-line.


Warren said...

great picture of the hydrants! Shouldn't that kind of sculpture be in a dog park somewhere? *smile*

smilnsigh said...

Yes, I think I like your photo of the hydrants, as well as any, of in the gallery. No offense to your friend, of course.

Although I do like that Viking....


Granny J said...

warren -- couldn't resist the hydrants; note that they're out of reach for dogs...

sNs -- he also had a nice sculpt of some sort of dragony spirit, not to mention an awful lot of neat paintings.

Anonymous said...

Rich does some nice work. I've visited his site, though I haven't commented. Like the old saying, if you have the right tools...of course you have to know how to use them. I'm like you, just a little cropping and red eye removal. Perhaps not as pretty, but it makes me feel honest about my poor abilities.

Granny J said...

steve -- I'm afraid that I am too impatient to really 1) spend the right amount of time to get a truly great picture and 2) spend even more time in the digital darkroom. Basically, I remain a journalist at heart & I'm looking for pictures with a story element.

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