Saturday, June 14, 2008

Showing the colors on Flag Day

As ever, the much decorated house on Park Avenue was prepared for Flag Day this morning; in fact, it's been ready since before Memorial Day, though my impression is that a quite a few extra little flags have been planted in the lawn since.

Over at the WalMart today, these bolts of fabric with a patriotic theme caught my eye and, when the sales clerk asked what I was up to and I explained, she proudly displayed the little sun dress (below) that she made for her granddaughter.

Some displays are more permanent, for example the representation above in the forge at Memphis' National Museum of Ornamental Metal. And of course, Americans like to wear their sentiments on their cars, as below.

In fact, automobile dealers appear to be the merchants most likely to feature the Stars and Stripes in a big way. The huge American flag that flies over the Lamb dealership on SR 69 was sufficiently visible to my camera that I took the picture above from a half mile west of downtown. I've heard that this particular flag must be replaced two or three times per year, at a cost in the thousands.

Another flag, not quite as big but almost, flies over auto row in Memphis, where I took this and the next picture. But if commercial use of our flag disturbs any reader, he or she should think about all those British products that sport the Union Jack...


Anonymous said...

Lots of flags, which is good. I just hate to see the vendors taking advantage of it.

Anonymous said...

Ah, me thinks you're getting in practice for July 4th.

That's when Prescott really "shines"!

Prescott and the 4th of July just seem to go together.

We've got our Rodeo Tickets already!

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

steve -- like the old New Yorker expression goes, there'll always been an adman!

anon av -- we're revving up into that early July Hot -- It's 98 F today! July 4 can't be far away. It's the summer rains I'm looking forward to...

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