Sunday, February 07, 2010

Her Maj is watching

S. Weasel is a commercial artist with a bizarre sense of humor. When she recently moved to the south of England, she took her own brand of expletive-laced libertarianism with her. But more to my point, her poster art:

You see, when you feel starved for O2, the inclination is to hunch up and lean forward. Instead, one should always remember:

Her Maj is watching!

Sit up straight and breathe deeply. It works! I just have to remember Her Maj!


Catalyst said...

Good for you, Julie, and good for you, Maj!

Anonymous said...

GrannyJ, you crack me up! You find the most creative people on the Web.

S. Weasel sure had me sitting up straight. LOL

Keep posting what you're learning about breathing and increasing O2 intake. It will help my asthma.

~Anon in AV.

Sandybee said...

That Maj! She certainly has high standards. But, those standards are good for your health. Long live the queen and Granny J!

Avus said...

I am sure Her Majesty would approve, Granny. She recently sent my Aunt official greetings for her 100th birthday.
Something to aim for??

Steve said...

Keep that upper lip stiff.

Boonie said...

Long live Granny J, indeed!


Jarart said...

Great advice, Julie!

Anonymous said...

Alles richtig so

S. Weasel said...

I was kind of embarrassed that somebody's granny was getting a dose of my expletive-laced libertarianism, until it occured to me *I* would be somebody's granny in the ordinary course of things.

Not reproducing -- my gift to future generations. You're welcome!

Get well, GrannyJ! Oxygen starvation is *evil*.

Melanie A. said...

Better believe Her Maj is watching. So are we! Really cheered to see you posting again.

Meggie said...

SO great to read this post!! I am glad you are improving. I agree about sitting up straight!

Anonymous said...

Delighted to hear that you are doing so well they will kick you out!!
Shoulders back, Breathe deep and get on out!
(A friend you haven't met on Park Ave.)

Lucy said...

May hesbund and ay would like to wish Granny J a continuing and swift recovery.

Gawd bless her and all who sail in her!

HM Liz

stitchwort said...

And Her Maj is about the same age as you, Granny J!
Good to hear you are on the mend - keep it up.

Anonymous said...

OmegaMom, hope you can show GrannyJ this article. She and I have chatted re: my love of Prescott area motor lodges.

~Anon in AV.

Anonymous said...

You're the best, Granny J. So glad you're doing better, and thanks for all your wonderful posts over the last few years.

-Amadee from the library

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Delighted with the good news.

You're a model for all of us.

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

Kathleen said...

Great - I will remember that now *sits up straight and takes a deep breath* Good to hear from you!!!

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