Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sprung, computer on its way, etc.

OmegaMom here with the latest.

GrannyJ is now safely ensconced in her new assisted living apartment as of yesterday afternoon. Her phone (and associated DSL line) is due to be moved today, and her Mac Guru is supposed to pick up the computer, back it up, and set it up at her new place today or tomorrow. At which point, she will need to go through her innumerable mail messages--some important, some not--read the new comments which I haven't had time to print out and take over to her, and post her Very Big Thanks and Very Big Love for all her commenters who have followed this saga.

"Walking" Prescott is still a bit much for her, but WalkingPrescott isn't. She says she has enough sorted and grouped photos for two years of good blog posts, and I know that her new home has lots of photo opportunities, too. At the beginning of her illness, she was exhausted and down and feeling like she couldn't do the blog any more, but as she has gotten better and better, the urge to sit at the computer has been growing.

My brother is arriving today, and I am leaving on Sunday, heading back to less sunny climes. I hope that in the next few days, mom will start writing her own blog posts again!


quilteddogs said...

Hooray for Granny J!!!!

I'll be so glad to have her back even if it's only in my cyberworld.

Catalyst said...

Great news! And bravo to you, OmegaMom for your service.

Kate said...

You're a good kid, Omega! I look forward to seeing Granny back on line. :)) Safe travels.

slger said...

Great to hear you will be back in action online soon. Bloggery 101 is dedicated to you today, Granny J, adding to your fans and appreciators.

Jarart said...

Wonderful!! Looking forward to some of those pictures.
Have a safe trip back to Alaska!

Avus said...

Thanks for keeping us all informed OmegaMom - well done!
Look forward to your posts once again, Granny

Jean W said...

Hooray. And may the sun follow you North. You have done a sterling job.

diana said...

Thank OmegaMom! you are the best!
Looking forward to hearing from Granny J soon!!!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for keeping us posted, OmegaMom =) Woohoo, GJ - looking forward to having you and your monster mac back!!!

Anonymous said...

Bravo, OmegaMom! I've been in a similar situation and appreciate from afar all that you've done for GrannyJ.


Yes, may the AZ sun follow you to AK.

But, OmegaDad's and OmegaDotter's hugs may just be sunshine enuf!

~Anon in AV.

Anil P said...

Thank you for the updates. It's good to have Granny J back.

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