Thursday, September 21, 2006

Critter Report 2: An Injured Lion & Deer

I was lucky to get emails with pictures from local friends in the past couple of weeks.

First, a sad lion report from The Ranch:

"My neighbor said he had a mountain lion in his garage. He had been working outside last night and had his garage door up. He went in the garage and closed the door and then saw some movement a few feet away. He looked toward the movement and a mountain lion jumped up onto his workbench and climbed behind some boxes.

"They tried to get it to leave (from a distance), but it refused to do so. This morning he called the Fish & Game department and they came out. It was a real circus trying to get close enough to get a shot at the cat with a tranquilizer gun. It was a male, about 150 pounds.

"Unfortunately, the animal had to be put down. One of the several Fish & Game officers who came out to help extricate the cat called to report that the lion's injuries (obtained in the fight it had with another lion, which doubtless was the proximate cause for its fleeing into my neighbor's garage) included a fractured skull. Apparently, the prognosis for the animal was not good.

"By the way, I was quite impressed by the Fish & Game folks. Four of them stopped by at one time or another, and they all seemed extremely knowledgeable and seriously wanted to save the animal if that was at all possible."

Friends out in the Mountain Club area, who have (and encourage) many animal visits sent these pictures of a buck and his does that were browsing in the neighborhood. I'd always wondered what my hunter friends meant when they talked about antlers "in velvet". After seeing the picture below, I certainly understand now.


Anonymous said...

Actually being able to interact with wildlife is one of the best things about living where I do, over in Juniper Heights, a mile or so before you get to Goldwater Lake on Senator Highway.

I used to try to chase off the javalina when I found our house was situated smack on their nocturnal migration trail.

But, once you secure your garbage can well, you notice they have a habit of mowing the lawn for you instead and I'm A-OK with that.

One night I did hear the neighbor's "less than secured" trash can go down and I ran out in my bathrobe with a broom to find myself facing a large pack of grown coyotes.

We all stared at each other for a moment.

Then I wished them a good meal and slunk back inside and they decided the half-eaten tub of cole slaw would run even slower and scream even less annoyingly than me so they went back to feasting there.

Man's got to know his limitations, I guess.

Granny J said...

You're in a great place for critters. But as I have said before, I too am on a javelina trail tho 3/4 of a mile from the court house. They love grape hyacinths. I get the very occasional coyote. My house is built into the side of the hill, with a flat roof and sometimes at night the cat & I hear small hoff beats or feet overhead. If I were really a naturalist, I would have a lantern & hard-soled slippers at the ready to discover who they are!

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