Friday, February 15, 2008

Storm over the canyon

No, I wasn't there; these pictures are all from my sson's files. He was there for a two-week National Park Service conference. Turned out that this is the 5th snowiest season in the Grand Canyon record book. Park employees who have worked there as long as 12 years had never seen such snow, sson reports. And so he took many, many pictures. Here are a few. Breath-taking views!

Zooming in on the far (north) side of the canyon.

Both sides here; snow was sticking as much as two thousand feet down.

This storm is over and the crisp Arizona blue skies are back.

Snow-covered conifers down the canyon side.

Meanwhile, up on the rim roads are dug out...

...and a tame park deer nestles in the snow, posing for the camera.

A much more impressive capture by the sson -- a wee vole (a little over an inch long) who was convinced that he was blending invisibly into that dark background behind him.

In closing, one of my favorite birds, Roscoe the Raven, who knows park visitors are suckers he can count on for fine meals. Many thanks to my sson for sharing these pictures!


Yolanda said...

These are all just gorgeous . You live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Lori Witzel said...

Thanks, Granny J.

Most of the pics I've seen of the Grand Canyon flatten it out and make it look much less than grand.

The foggy snow-stormy pics here, however, are enormous despite their small size, and encapsulate the powerful beauty of the canyon in ways most others don't.

What gift you've given us by sharing sson's catches.

Anonymous said...

Super shots. Has he set up a blog. He should consider it.

Linda G. said...

Stunning pictures, GJ! How lucky for all of us that your sson was there at the right time! Please thank him for sharing:)

Jan said...

granny j..breath-taking pictures!

Thanks to you, and to your son, for sharing them with us!

Granny J said...

yolanda -- welcome to our beautiful part of the world!

lori -- sson was fortunate to be at the Canyon at the right time (and to be a great photographer); I was fortunate to glom onto these views and pleased to share them. The storm, the snow, and the mist all added great depth, didn't they?

steve -- he's threatening to, but wants to focus on his live microscopy photos, which are also great.

brain -- I'm passing the word on -- and thanks for the link!

Jan -- very happy to share.

Warren said...

great pictures!

Granny J said...

warren -- I'll pass the word along to sson!

meggie said...

These are indeed, fine pictures. Thank your son for sharing them with us!

Lucy said...

I don't get too many travel cravings these days, but it is something I'd like to see.
Very fine pics indeed.

JuliaR said...

Thanks for the photo of the vole! I only ever get their noses or nothing, as they have disappeared into their holes. I see them - I just can't photograph them!

Granny J said...

meggie -- I will thank him again!

lucy -- the Canyon is well worth seeing. Do it in winter when there aren't nearly as many visitors.

julia -- at least you have voles ... for some reason, I have neither little mice nor voles. Not even moles!

k said...


My lord.

Granny J said...

k -- you said it!

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