Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The face is familiar

Yes, I realize I am repeating pictures. Most, at least. However, it's for a reason. It's because each reminds me of why Cubism. And because they all remind me of one another.

The top pair are obviously done by a child, in this case my granddotter. Both remind me of the next picture.

This creature -- my wonderful new Eunice the Cat -- was made as a deliberate "primitive" by the Grunge Goddess, a local lady who sells via eBay. So perhaps we can say that cubism is, in part, deliberately child-like.

But then we find this face right out there on a Park Avenue aspen tree trunk for all to see. So isn't it readily apparent that the cubists are really just artists, imitating Nature after all.

The moose? Well, I just included him 1) to honor the kids up in Alaska and 2) because it isn't often you meet up with a plush wall critter who sings when activated by, get this, his very own remote!

Assorted Notes: Lori of Chatoyance has challenged me -- in lieu of a meme tag -- to install a charitable widget to help buy books for a school in Africa. Take a look over at her blog; I'm not sure I'm up to doing the installation. However, I was led by the widget to a most interesting approach to small charitable projects using the Internet, pioneered by FirstGiving. The hows are explained at their site and their blog. In other news, my post about the dead cottonwoods was mentioned in the January Festival of the Trees, hosted this month by Hoarded Ordinaries, which is a blog worth a visit on a regular basis in any event. And, in a final note, remember that elephant that has been sitting in the middle of all the negotiations, planning sessions and plain talk-talk about tapping the Big Chino basin for water? Looks like that elephant is beginning to stir. Big Time. Funny -- when we first moved to the Prescott area, the SRP was never mentioned in the Courier -- almost as if it didn't exist (and own senior water rights to the Verde...)


sheoflittlebrain said...

That Granddotter of yours is quite the artist for her age! Fun post, GJ:)
Congrats on the Festival of Trees ... I'm off to investigate that right now!

Anonymous said...

Loved her artwork. I'm sure she has done many horses.

Granny J said...

brain -- sit her down with colors & equipment, she will keep busy for quite a while!

steve -- actually, she hasn't done much in the way of horsies. she may find them too hard!

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