Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm back -- sorta

Which is to say that my trusty, not-so-reliable iMac is in the hospital. As I said earlier, I am working on a loaner, with neither DVD player nor PhotoShop. Please come up with some friendly, encouraging vibes for the ailing hard drive with all my pictures on it; I could lose a year's worth! Forgive any slight (or major) tilt you might see in my pictures, since I don't have the capability of remedy.

The question, of course, is "what does this picture have to do with any of these travails?" Let's see if I can explain. The pic, of course, is not of a deliberate sculpt, but rather, an abandoned equatorial mount for a telescope. LH built the very solid stand at the back of our house not long after we moved here; he was excited to add the scope and take his first pictures. But, OOPS! All the stars had little squiggly tails. Apparently this ever-so-solid platform had been erected smack dab on what is probably a mini-mini fault, common in the hills hereabouts.

Why would I surmise that? Because you can't land in Arizona, where the earth's skeleton is exposed to view without getting into geology, Big Time. Of course we located a geological map of Yavapai County forthwith, which showed faults all over the hills.

Plus: I used to serve as my mother's travelling companion on summer escape flights to and from Phoenix and her sister's house in Victoria BC. This took me many times over Nevada and desert Oregon, which is an absolutely amazing terrain. Thus I came to read Basin & Range, by John McPhee. All about the Nevada landscape and how it came to be. A must read for any Westerner. Bro, who had been a petroleum geologist in his career days. picked up my copy while he was here visiting & found it both entertaining and educational (his degrees dated from the days just prior to the plate tectonics revolution).

Which led to buying him the complete McPhee treatment of geology across the USA along the 40th parallel. And an extra copy for good measure, namely me. It's called Annals of the Former World. I've been reading it steadily for a couple of days. It's fat. It's fascinating, if bewildering at times; I'm in California -- about finished. That's how I've spent my enforced vacation!


smilnsigh said...

Ohhh sorrrrrry! You too were bumped off the Net, hu? Mine was just a slight 'nervous breakdown' of my wireless router. Which husband was able to fix. ,-)

Good vibes being sent your way. Or rather, to your iMac hard drive. So you don't lose your photos.

Mmmm, do you make back up's? {Asks she who never does either. Yish.} We should. We should. We should. -sigh-


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Hope your drive stays well. I bought a Western Digital external hard drive from WalMart and use a free program for backups called Cobian. Works great. I tell it to back up my stuff when I go to bed and it turns off the computer when it's done!

Granny J said...

SnS -- I'm only very slightly backed up -- there's a year's worth that's at stake. I know, I know. Bad GrannyJ getting what she deserves.

karen -- thanks for the tip. Is the back-up program for Windows or the Mac?

Anonymous said...

"summer escape flights" I like that. :-) And the picture is just fine. I liked it even before you told us what it is.

Hope you get your years worth of pictures back. Makes my stomach tense just hearin' that. lol!

Good luck, Granny!

Anonymous said...

Dumb old me, I thought that Macs were supposed to keep functioning like ole folk river. Anyway, I'm happy that you're operational.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you on line. Ditto, on the back up. Do it as soon as possible.

Lucy said...

Oh dear oh lord, let's hope all's well. Backing up's one of those dull housekeeping kind of duties, and I always think I ought to sort them out a bit before storing, so I don't do it... The blogged ones should be somewhere on Picasa shouldn't they ( but then only the shrunk ones.)

sheoflittlebrain said...

You're back! Goodie! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your photos:) I'm better than I used to be at backing up, but maybe I'll do it again right now!

Granny J said...

deck -- it makes my stomach tense just to realize that I didn't back up!

Bro -- that was my understanding, as well. Big come uppance, huh? BTW, did you finish with the McPhee?

steve -- it's good to be back, even tho I got a lot of reading done.

lucy -- ah, yes, just like housekeeping. Which I'm lousy at! However, I'd say that backing up one's pix is more important!

Karen of Scottsdale said...

hmm.. seems to be windows only. there must be something similar for macs.

Granny J said...

karen -- I'll have my guy check...

Gadget said...

Granny J,

Let me know if I can be any help with your computer issues.

Personally, I use a USB portable hard drive to backup everything. Like you I don't want to see all my photos disappear, so I backup with every photo import.

Hope the iMac improves! :)

Granny J said...

rich -- I'm still on the loaner. Have you any experience with a file rescue?

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