Saturday, January 26, 2008

Of jelly fish, beer and computers

It's not often I neglect the blog & I apologize. However, between the arrival of the Sson, this fershimult cold and the lack of my old, comfortable computer, I was worn down last night and couldn't have turned a coherent phrase if you had paid me!

However, I appear to be somewhat better, certainly for a brief report. First, I want everybody to admire that Tshirt above, with its myriad jelly fish and other coelenterates, front and back. Sson, as I've mentioned previously, is an ecologist, currently with the Natl. Park Service. His Ts reflect his career and he has an excellent collection.

Aside from cooking for the shut-in (tonight, curry ... tomorrow a.m. eggs plus sausage) and cleaning up the kitchen after himself, Sson brought something to drink in his suitcase.

Quite a nice head for a small glass of cola, isn't it? He has been brewing his own beer for several years now & I'd be happy to recommend his product if he ever took it out into the big wide world. It's been a good visit, but will over far too soon!

In the meantime, I'm glad that I do NOT have to write a nasty screed about Apple; no, the folks from Cuppertino are coming through with flying colors. Thanks to the ministrations of my good computer guy, the company has agreed to pick up the tab to repair the damage those capacitors did to my iMac. I don't know yet if any files on my hard drive can be rescued. However, I plan to award a super hero's cape to my CG who argued my case. It seems that my particular capacitors were but a few numbers off from the group that was included in the official recall, tho they suffered from the same problem. In the process of all this hoo-rah, I did discover from The Google that a great many PCs also used the same caps and suffered the same problem; in fact, Dell had one bad quarter a year or so ago as a direct result.


Anonymous said...

Indeed a gooly head on the Cokenbrau.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Enjoy the visit, though it be short. For a minute there I thought he had put some of his home brew into the coke containers.

sheoflittlebrain said...

Love that Tshirt! We've had some hme brew experiences including a batch that blew up from being bottled too soon. Has your son ever had that kind of bad experience?

Granny J said...

bro -- it's a fine head, indeed, to match a fine brew.

steve -- you were right the first time. SSon saves plastic soft drink bottles for his home brew. We especially like the idea of deep rich beer in bottles labeled coke.

brain -- I don't think so, but one never knows. He has the advantage of many years of careful lab work and got over his explosive phase when a teen-ager.

Anonymous said...

Ha! You had me going there for a minute, Granny! I'm thinking, 'how quaint, she's even showing us the bottles of Coke they drank, and there it is in the glasses--hey wait a minute! That is quite a head!' :-D Nice one.
I bet it's good, too?

Granny J said...

AD -- Ha! right back at you, with a gotcha appended. The Cokenbraumeister saves his kids' soda bottles for his own brewery. And, yes, it is very yummy stuff!

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