Sunday, August 31, 2008

Reflections of Prescott

The day of the big Prescott Photo Walk, one of my ideas was to take pictures of Prescott sights as seen in display windows along our route. In a few cases, the idea worked. More or less. The Grill has strong enough lines that it overwhelms most of the paintings in the window of the gallery across the street.

What I call The Building With Green Awnings also stands out (as does the traffic. But then traffic has its own way of dominating the world).

What I saw in the window if I looked into it from the other direction. The Chase Bank all the way back to Batterman's.

Another stretch of Gurley, this time seen via the florist's window. Neat how that rose plopped right between Brian's Irish Pub and Esoji.

One of the more successful shots: Gurley looking to the east. Clean. No pushy cars hogging the limelight.

Gurley was easy; the reflecting windows and I were in the shade and had no competition from the sun. Capturing the Courthouse was another matter entirely. If you look into the depths of the Prescott Brewing Company, beyond those cars, you might see a wee bit of the Plaza. A wee bit of Whiskey Row, too.

The Courthouse bandstand is right next the steam table at Caffe Express in the St. Michael.

Ah, here it is. Peeking out between two themed Tshirts for the tourist from the desert who wants to declare that he/she visited Prescott.

A car window is as good a place as any to immortalize two of the Whiskey Row pubs. As for why this mirror sits in a shop on Montezuma (below), your guess is quite as good as mine.

It's only logical that a classy Prius would create an exclusive set of reflections...

...whereas I'm quite pleased with the "awning" that just happened to shelter the cars and bikes above. They were free and clear, unlike the bikes below, not a rally but miniatures parked in the window beneath the reflected post office building.

Turning the corner from Montezuma to Goodwin Street, I found the windows at the Galloping Goose were peachy-keen mirrors. Above, the view south on Montezuma, and, below, a rather spectacular way to observe the Arizona Pioneers Home up on the bluff.

Of my experiment, I'd say it was good clean fun -- but a far cry from Art.


worldphotos4 said...

That's a neat idea. You captured some good images.

AZ said...

My sister and I were talking the other day about why we never thought to photograph the town we grew up in (Miami, AZ). I guess we thought it would always be there and it would never change. Boy were we wrong! Great photos by the way, someday someone will appreciate seeing their town as it was.

RV-boondocker-explorer said...

There is something fun about window reflections. I guess it's the combination of two worlds which sometimes have nothing else to do with each other.

Granny J said...

steve -- next time, I'll try it on a dark, gloomy day. I think I'd have better results.

AZ -- one never thinks to take those pictures of the obvious such as one's hometown & how it looks -- it's the pictures of strange new vacation places that we put in our albums. Too bad, too.

boonie -- besides, it's sort of ghostly, especially if the reflection overrides the reality.

Lucy said...

Yay, I love reflections shots!

Granny J said...

lucy -- they're a lot of fun to do and unexpected things often happen in the process.

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