Thursday, August 21, 2008

A shoot at Sharlot Hall..., that is. Like everybody else, I say "Sharlot Hall," which is the name of the lady who founded the museum; somehow it sounds like the name of a place, but properly speaking, one should say "Sharlot Hall Museum."

The reason I was there this morning after breakfast was photographic. No, not the cool bit of old mining equipment above.

Nor the huge flywheel, made, I believe, from granite which most likely also came from an old mining or refining operation.

Not even this splendid decaying stump from a large tree that once shaded what is now the museum's parking lot. Nor the rusty corrugated roof next the museum grounds.

No, the photography in question was of these three gents in the rose garden (below), all members of the Arizona Rangers reenactment group. Purpose: illustration for a brochure to promote a new event, Prescott Heritage Days, scheduled later this year.

It was a beautiful day at the museum, and after the shoot, we admired the corn, now full of tassels. An odd landscaping plant, you might say.

However, the plants are there to honor the Corn Mother. Every year, maize is planted around the sculpture.


Anonymous said...

I like to way they plant corn around the sculpture.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

Who's the third bloke--on the right?


Granny J said...

steve -- a very thoughtful gesturem as the sculpture was made by a Hopi artist.

bro -- also a regular breakfast companion, Dave.

smilnsigh said...

LUV the stump!

Like those re-enactment gents too.

Miss Mari-Nanci

Granny J said...

SnS -- that is one of the better stumps (and we have a lot of Very Good Stumps hereabouts.) As for the rents with the stars, I should have run a bigger picture. Their costumes are really quite natty.

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