Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Thus far, since my return home, I hadn't been desperate for anything that required shopping. However, earlier this week I had word that the Sson was showing up tomorrow, yet, to pick up the Pinzgauer he had acquired on eBay from the Iowa survivalist. Huh? I guess there's a story there that I can possibly relate tomorrow night. In the meantime, a larder that will support GrannyJ for several days is a dud when it comes to her Sson. Off to Albertson's it was this afternoon.

I was replenishing my supply of instant hot chocolate when the Ovaltine shelf caught my eye. Oh, memories! If you're in my age group, you belong to one of two groups: those whose mothers said that Ovaltine was simply too expensive (the Depression, you know) and those mothers who gave into their (spoiled) kids' desire for a mysterious Little Orphan Annie secret code ring (or maybe the wonderful Little Orphan Annie circus), which required the inner seal of the Ovaltine container. As you might guess, I owned neither a ring nor the circus; a neighborhood girl whose father was a doctor did get a circus once -- which was a very disappointing cardboard punch-out affair. I think I learned my lesson about premiums at that point! FYI, Little Orphan Annie was on the radio right after school let out way back then.

Here's another display that deserves comment. To be specific, just how would you describe your generic version of a Triscuit (a trade name thoroughly covered by copyright, of course.) No, I would never have considered the term "woven", but I suppose that it is descriptive enough. More likely the fibers for both sorts of crackers are actually extruded back at the factory!

I bombed on one important item -- the AA battery charger, having left my little unit back in Alaska along with most of my pictures and a collapsible walking stick/monopod. Important that I have plenty of batteries ready for Saturday's Prescott Photo Walk. Tried, variously, Staples, Walgreen's & Albertsons. #1, it turns out that battery chargers are usually sold as a premium with batteries, not separately. The only set of four batteries plus a charger that I found was at Staples, but it was limited in use to special hi-tech cells. So I bought another set of four and borrowed a charger from the neighbor.

Do you get as frustrated as I at the distinctive mums that show up in the supermarket floral section? I've tried planting them, but never been successful. These are today's tease.

Out in front of the store, patio furniture was on sale. Huh? Since when have grocers been in the home furnishings biz? Can't answer that one, tho Albertsons as a smallish store has to display its merchandise atop the highest gondolas (the cheese and sandwich goody section, I believe) unlike Fry's, which has an extensive department. However, I must say that this "sale" is a modest affair compared to the "new" Banana Tree store down the pike which put up its liquidation sign (below) as soon as it opened.

Finally, I spotted the elephant car in the parking lot as I waited for my ride home with the supplies. Maybe a little bit too smiley, but a nice change from all those serious cars in any event.


Anonymous said...

Love the peanut butter cookies and milk in the cart; yum!

Can I come over, too? LOL

~Anon in AV.

Anonymous said...

Never knew the taste of Ovaltine when I was a kid. I'm sure it would have improved the taste of the powdered milk we drank.

Anonymous said...

I assume Sson will be driving the Pinzgauer home.

Steve in Germany

TomboCheck said...

My mom tried to get me to drink ovaltine, but I hated it. I was weened on overly-sugary Nestle. :)

Granny J said...

anon av -- anytime!

steve -- anything would improve the taste of powdered milk, as I recall it. It seems to me that some enterprising GIs discovered that ice cream mix powder (vanilla) made an excellent additive.

steve in Germany -- ?? same steve?? Actually, I think he wants to conquer mountains, not swamps, so I'm the likely the lucky caretaker.

tombo -- I don't know that I ever in my whole life tasted the stuff! My LH told me that his mom insisted that Horlicks malted milk was the same as the more expensive product, thus he never got Ovaltine either.

Anonymous said...

Steve in Germany, that's me. I was having trouble logging in.

Granny J said...

steve -- I sorta thought it was you, but a question remained in my mind.

Mary said...

Enjoyed your memory of my favorite chocolate which I am still using to flavor my milk. I remember the secret code ring, the milkshake mug and the regular mug which I cherished as a child during the depression days. The mug was in my possession until around 1979 when Little Orphan Annie had a comeback and I donated it to the Greensboro, NC Historical Museum for the new generation of children to enjoy. ({You made me feel, momentarily. that I might have been rich at the time and spoiled. : ) Come to think of it, my two sisters and a brother also had the collection. How did my parents do it? By farming).

I did not realize that Ovaltine was considered expensive at the time but I sure know it is now!


Granny J said...

Hi Mary, and welcome -- yes, indeed -- Ovaltine was considered a luxury by thrifty moms. I also suspect that they were reacting against that nemesis, advertising aimed at kids instead of their parents.

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