Monday, June 04, 2007

Corn Mother

I had to do an injustice to the Corn Mother to show this aspect of the sculpture. She faces to the northeast, her front is almost always in shadow, making a difficult photographic subject. In reality, she is dark and mysterious.

The shadows here emphasize the lady's fecundity.

In case you have not seen the Corn Mother, she is to be found near the center of the grounds at the Sharlot Hall Museum.


hermano said...

That is one damn fine sculpture--must see same on my nest visit. The viewing of the pic jogged my failing memory--We've a cob in the fridge and I'll steam it up for tea, along with our genuine hand- wroght franks in blankets.


hermano said...

Errata: wrought. Hermano

k said...

Oh, how beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Corn Mother. Nice sculpture and the pictures look great.

Granny J said...

Hey,Bro-- that was a good catch!

And, yes, k and Steve-- she is a lovely lady.

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