Friday, June 29, 2007


Goodbye moments are not my favorite moments. Yesterday it was time for the Sson & family to take off.

Of course, a final confrontation between cats was necessary.

And packing food in the cooler for the long drive back to bayou country.

Sson puts final touches on clean stove top. BTW, how do you like that gorgeous Tshirt?

DIL, grandson start packing out.

Another load for the truck. One of a great many.

Granddaughter, complete to a medically wrapped left leg following a day at Slide Rock, holds the guest cat. He'd love to go exploring. Or stalking the Max cat.

And, just before taking off, time to outfit the pick-up with a clean bra. At which point, my guests took off. I just hope they enjoyed the visit as much as I did. But this isn't the end of the goodbyes. SIL, OmegaMom and the little one are taking off for a new job. In Alaska. On the 21st of this month. Alaska! That's 4,000 miles away. No more weekend get-togethers. No more dance recitals. No more Christmas Nutcracker.

I hate goodbyes!!!


ericat said...

Hi Granny thanks for the visit to my site. those cats have very interesting colouring. The tabby seems to have siamese points and the other cat Birman. Be that what, they are lovely all the same. I love that T-shirt. What would my grandson give for a shirt like that!
Wish I could visit you too. Well, will do on www.

sheoflittlebrain said...

Oh GJ, I hate that your wonderful family members will be so far away. But, in my crystal ball I see........yes..Granny J in Alaska for interesting and extended visits!

OmegaMom said...

Mamasan, I hate goodbyes, too. But, as SheOfLittleBrain says, "interesting and extended visits in Alaska"! And we will do our darndest to get back for Xmas and other such things.

SoCalFan said...

GrannyJ, hugs from Orange County. I read your blog almost every day, and am sad to see omegamom and family will be far away. But, Alaska's awesome landscapes are very photogenic... would love to see pix of them on your blog, like sheoflittlebrain has said. Hang in there! You are loved by a Web extended family!

Granny J said...

Ms.Ericat, I got so caught up in your aloe forest that I forgot that you also blogged cats! Our siamese mutts are splendid cats; I've read that the tiger/siamese blend is coalescing into a breed called "lynx point". Sounds more like they're just upscaling their Maxcats.

Brain-- I've looked at pix of those mountains. They are gorgeous-- and they're alive. What -- four volcanoes in the area?

Dotter-- you dang well get back here for at least one celebration. Perhaps the 104th, since I'm pretty sure Bro Bill will be here from OZ.

Socalfan-- good to hear from you again. But consider that I have a new thing (volcanoes) to worry about. Volcanoes are all very well and good and fascinating when they're elsewhere, like Kamchatka or the middle of the Pacific. However, I promise pictures of tall mountains-- and fast-growing wildflowers, too.

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