Saturday, June 02, 2007

Desert Landscaping...

...and the spotlight is on penstemon. Don't think the white flowered species with the deep red foliage is a native; in fact, it might be a cultivated hybrid, though it grows, seeds and spreads like a wild plant!

A small-flowered pink penstemon is mingled with little white daisies.

But the real prize over at the recently landscaped Park Plaza shopping center is a fine collection of Rocky Mountain penstemon in bloom right now. I doubt if this species is a Prescott native, but it sure seems happy at our elevation and I have seen plants growing wild here and there. In a couple of weeks, the embankments along I-40 between Flag and Williams will be brilliant purple with this flower.


hernano said...

With regard to the pic a couple a days ago showing Ariz auto plates, weren't they made of cu in the dim dark past? The B-B-Q looked scrumptuous (sp), I have some long short ribs of boef I gunna have to slow cook with genuine liquid smoke (fully inported) added there unto. Hermano

Anonymous said...

The little flowere make a big difference to the arid views.

Granny J said...

Hi,Bro -- the copper plates were a long time back. They would be an invitation to theft these days of high CU prices! As for the ribs, how about Real smoke?

Steve-- Our desert is host to a surprising number of flowering pretty plants.

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