Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Well Exercised Climber

My camera held 175 images when I arrived home from the Square for a desperately needed nap this hot afternoon. The Tsunami on the Square. A display of Classic Cruisers (old autos.) Not to mention the usual interesting odds and ends. When I collect that many pictures, I am incapable of sitting down immediately and writing about any of the event(s), much less selecting the right pictures. It takes a little time, a little reminiscing, a little pondering to bring a new post into focus. Instead, I'm dedicating today's briefing to my dotter (OmegaMom, who's secretly been on an exercise program) and to Rich over at Gadget's Airstream Chronicles, who's been doing (and photographing) a lot of rock climbing over at the Dells.

The subject is exercise. And the American penchant for the Gizmo. I happened into the Granite Mountain Outfitter, where Laura was demonstrating a device for exercising the wrist. Looks easy -- all you have to do is whirl this brightly lit ball. However. Said ball contains gyroscopes, creating a real resistance work-out if you can get it spinning. I flunked out.

Twasn't the only exercise gizmo for the climber. Here's another workout. But then, I'm not a climber these days. Never was that kind of climber. Ever.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos.

Gadget said...

Looking forward to your photos too.

I've tried the gyroscope ball think. Can't make heads or tales of it myself! Ah well, just hang from the rock, seems to work as well. :)

Granny J said...

Well, Steve, I have yet to sort it all out! Maybe 20 of the lot will get used!

Gadget -- All I can say is "just hang in there!" I don't quite understand the gyroscope thingy -- except that you and it are fighting & the faster you spin it, the more ferocious the fight.

Prescottstyle said...

Hi Granny J, You like that Granite Creek shot, eh? I got drenched taking it. I checked with the online USGS Gaging station downstream near the VA for the rate of flow. That's the widest I've ever seen it. I would love to chat with you about the archive, but lets do emails. I'm, see ya soon.

8:52 PM

Granny J said...

Paul-- all we need is the right one of those Pacific hurricanes to bring the water up again. As for yr archives, you've got me all curious. But if it's tech stuff, I depend upon my dotter for that!

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