Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Frontiers: Greenery & Pretty Veggies

When I stopped in at the New Frontiers deli for coffee-and the other morning, I was struck by the amount of greenery around and about our local natural foods supermarket. Even a spider plant hanging down in the middle of a packaged food aisle (above.)

Reason I noticed: 1) there were live plants on most of the tables and 2) it was watering time. Certainly a not too subtle way to underscore the natural theme.

The veggie displays also emphasized fresh and natural. (And they were eminently photogenic!)

That's why I'm dedicating this post to my two veggie afficienados, Lucy and Lizzie! Long may they enjoy! Just incidentally, I still prefer fruit!

Aside from the fine deli, another attraction of New Frontiers is the attention paid to the bulletin boards -- by me, an important aspect of any business that is a regular stop-off for customers. Fry's and Safeway tuck them into out of the way corners; Albertson's has none -- zero. At NF, the notices are in full view at one entrance; on one side, the announcements of events and causes; across the way, the peoples' bulletin board (sales, rentals.) Even here, greenery. A fine finishing touch.


hermano said...

Where is NF located (relative to my limited knowledge of Prescott); how is there dried apricot quality??\\

Congrats on making the big-time with your publication!!


Anonymous said...

That looks like a place to pick up a few items. Nice color and nice photos.

Granny J said...

Bro-- 1) it is about one long block from the corner where Iron Springs Rd. starts (i.e., the hospital corner.) 2) Nothing beats Trader Joe's; yr. daughter & granddaughter are visiting again this summer & will stock up for Mom.

Steve -- some interesting & unusual products here, but pricey.

Lucy said...

I enjoyed this, and thank you very much for the dedication!
Fruit is mostly prettier, it's true, but those displays did look good.

Catalyst said...

Pricey is right. But on a recent visit, I found blood oranges, Meyer lemons and other things not found in the supermarkets.

Anonymous said...

They say, you get what you pay for.

Granny J said...

Artistically, veggies have it all over fruit-- more colors, more interesting shapes, Lucy. No fruit could compare to your recent photographs of artichokes! It's just in the flavor department that fruit are #1. In my book.

Cat-A -- I remember when I was a kid, I turned up my nose at everyday blood oranges -- the eeew factor, you know.

So true, Steve...but what happened to your hat???

Anonymous said...

I decided it was time for a different picture. I still have the hat.

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