Sunday, June 03, 2007

Life's a Bowl of Cherries After All

The day certainly declined in quality as time passed!

First, there was this very frustrating insect. Such pretty wings, I had get a picture. Above, the best of a bad lot. And then I loaded my backpack with goodies for Mom, including a small container of rhubarb sauce, and set forth on foot for the Sharlot Hall grounds for the annual Folk Arts Fair -- my most favorite of all the local events. On the way, took a handful of shots about one block from the house (all downhill.)

There was this lovely botanic contrast which sums up our world -- prickly pear cactus in bloom, seen through the needles of what is obviously a young volunteer Ponderosa pine. High desert, yes, but not quite!

Final shot -- wheel covers that literally shout "speed". With one of yesterday's cast-offs lying forlornely on the curb. At which point the camera pouted, thumbed its figurative nose at me and quit. Had I packed spare batteries along with the rhubarb sauce? No way. So I climb uphill home, catch my breath, change my plans and the batteries, and figure my readers will just have to settle for last year's Folk Arts Festival.

Instead, the afternoon was a good visit with Mom and her friends, one of whom prefers veggies to fruit (if you can imagine!) She turned my day completely around with an unexpected bag of cherries picked from local trees. I don't think I've ever bought Royal Anns at the supermarket -- always rare and too pricey. My, they're yummy, as are the Bings. And I'm absolutely flabbergasted that such beautiful fruit survived this year's heavy mid-spring winds and sudden frosts. The rule that I've heard for Prescott is that it is a wonderful climate for stone fruit trees, but expect a crop maybe one year in three or five.


k said...

That's not bad, not a bit! Looks like an adult antlion, perhaps?

Granny J said...

You know, you may be right, k. That's one I never thought of. I'll have to check with the Sson, the ecologist for a firm opinion.

Anonymous said...

I always keep the spare battery in the camera case. The do tend to drain when we want them most.

sheoflittlebrain said...

Yummmm... cherries the best of fruits....and, a rarity, fresh off the trees.
If you'd remembered batteries you might have missed thm.

Granny J said...

Steve-- the rechargeables used by the Canon last so long that I seldom need replacing; on the other hand, with my little Sony, I simply recharged at the end of the day, tho I found I was able to use up an entire charge before the day was out, especially if I was far from home.

Brain-- like your profile says, "perennially optimistic!"

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