Friday, June 22, 2007


I'm impressed. Not only does Sson & family travel complete with cat, but their two week Western excursion is even equipped with an industrial-strength Wild stereo microscope just in case there's any interesting pond water wildlife to observe. The water was in pretty short supply--but what there was of it contained some pretty interesting microscopic critters.

Speaking of equipped -- we spent the morning in the forest & I forgot to bring my stick. Not to worry -- a telescoping monopod was produced out of the back of the truck and it did just fine for my short walk.


Catalyst said...

You have a very interesting extended family, Granny J.

sheoflittlebrain said...

Looks like a very satisfying visit...coveting that microscope!

Granny J said...

Cat-A -- You are so right. Sson is a park service ecologist & got his PhD at NAU, so he knows the local turf quite well. All the grandkids are great. I'm very lucky.

Brain -- He got the scope, where else, on eBay. $600 or so clams.

Avus said...

Well, that's a new use for an item of photographic equipment.

Granny J said...

Avus -- I was surprised by the monopod -- it's just like some telescoping sticks I have seen, except that it's got a screw-on top for cameras.

meggie said...

What interesting things there are to discover in the microscopic world, I will bet!
The 'big picture' is not always all there is- nor is it always the 'best' picture!
Very enjoyable post, Granny J.

Granny J said...

Meggie-- all kinds of interesting critters to see in water from Watson Lake, Granite Creek & a tiny puddle in an unnamed creek bed out by Granite Basin Road.

Lucy said...

I'm impressed too!

Granny J said...

Lucy-- apparently the scope and its assorted attachments is getting its first real workout this summer. Sson has taken some superb pix the past few nights.

k said...

Looking at pond water samples, especially from Mt. Baldy, was a wonderful part of my childhood.

So much so, that a few years ago I asked kdad if a used microscope could be had.

Yes. For right around the bucks you're talking about, too.

Out of my price range then and now.

But...maybe later.

Those microcritters are amazingly beautiful.

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