Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tsunami I -- You Can't Tell the Players without a Scorecard

So what is a Tsunami on the Square? Well, if it lasted 30 days in assorted venues, I'd call it a Fringe festival. If it occurred under a big top, it might be confused with a circus. Whatever. The day of the Tsunami is crazy. This was my first.

For instance, the crowd included people in all sorts of get-ups. Like this lady. Goodness knows what her fantasy might be. Hard to tell members of the audience from the entertainers sometimes.

This fellow is probably part of the show -- I didn't see any civilians with juggling equipment.

Nothing unusual about this chap -- except the orange lily. Maybe that was how his blind date was to ID him.

Surely part of the show? Nope, this medieval quartet was present to promote a forthcoming Renaissance Faire.

Oh, yes, I saw more than one person sporting a tail.

Spotted this pirate (or gypsy) couple crossing the street mid-afternoon.

And this rifleman appears to be patrolling the Square to protect it from good-fer-nothing varmits.

No idea who or what we have here.

Even Mr. Coyote Radio, who announced the first acts, was topped off by a faux leopard skin fez.

And look at the interesting character who gave GrannyJ a free ride in his foot-pedalled machine. Like I said, the day was crazy. More madness later.

Note: My computer is located so that I am forced to look at great tho reasonably tidy stacks of magazines. Imagine my delight -- and amazement -- when I discovered that, like museums, the New Yorker has established its own on-line store. One remarkable product: an 80 gig hard drive with the complete NYer from February 1927 thru April 2006; beats stacks all hollow! The other: a DVD containing the complete NYer cartoons on sale at $14.95! And, over at eBay, you can bid on several 32-CD-rom sets of all the National Geographics up to 2000 -- 112 years of the magazine.


Anonymous said...

Great shots. This sort of looks like Golden Gate park or the Haight in San Francisco in the 60s.

I love the picture of you. You look content and glad to get a ride.

sheoflittlebrain said...

What fun! I too, love the picture of you, and that's a great hat!
Did you make friends with the pedal guy? He could be useful as you go out and about.

Lucy said...

What fun, and hello to your face, we only usually get to see your back as you stride off into the wide blue yonder!
I chuckled about the guy with the orange lily blind-date ID, it was a very nice complement to his blue t-shirt, and the group below looked like very merry men!
Also enjoyed the Golden Road to Samarkand fantasy of the Caspian Gate (and all the rest too).

Granny J said...

One and all, I debated using my picture, but the machine was so cool and the top hat so appropriate that I went against my own you all know that I really, really am an 80-year old granny!

Steve -- probably not as outre as the old Haight. After all, I am doing the journalism -- picking the pix to make my my point!

Brain -- one of my finds at a local resale shop. I usually don't behat but you know how hot the June sun can get here.

Lucy -- glad to make your acquaintance all proper-like. Weren't the Caspian Gate costumes quite grand?

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