Monday, September 29, 2008

Mural on Goodwin Street

No, the tree is not in the art, but in front of it! Walking down Goodwin Street to the dog do at the Square Sunday provided an opportune moment to zoom in on the small mural. It's up the hill on the south side, between the Show Business video store and the little chiropractic office. I know nothing of the origin or authorship; not a word has been published though Tombo posted a photo back some months, probably because the art adorns the wall of a private dwelling. The spirals are handsome enough, though I don't understand just what they represent. However, the artist appears to really be into the helix; even his small cacti spin. He must agree with my prime cosmological principle, namely that the spiral is the basic geometry of the universe. Think galaxies, snails and DNA.

Linkage: Over in the UK, Judith set out to locate the sites where, 100 years earlier, her mother-in-law had painted a series of water colors; she describes her pilgrimage in a series of four lovely posts. If you're up to the excitement, view Willow Lake and the Dells from a video camera mounted on a remote control plane. And for owners of felines in particular, Boxelder recommends Simon's Cat; I heartily agree. Finally, here's a follow-up to my recent post about Alaska and its latte shacks.


quilteddogs said...

Do you have a post planned for the dog jamboree?

TomboCheck said...

:) Beautiful mural, though I too am lost as to the story behind the desert ship.

Anonymous said...

When the move back to AZ? When the economy recovers (sigh).

Wow, that video of Willow Lake on the RC plane made me dizzy after awhile. I shut it down at 1 min. 50 secs., but it was a great link, thanks!

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

qd -- I have lots of pictures from the event but didn't have time to process them and give them the proper thought for a blog last night!

tombo -- (envision a slap on the head!) thank you for explaining part of the mural; I hadn't seen that as a desert ship.

anon av -- let's hope for a speedy recovery -- or at least a recovery!

meggie said...

Dont forget the sprial DNA sequence also.
A Spaceship eh!

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