Monday, September 15, 2008

Decor seating

I found this wicker settee on my walk yesterday. Part of the junk heap on the street side of the fence. Its condition suggests that it has long served as eye candy for the garden. And I bet it got picked up by someone before it spent the night at the curb; there's a lot of looking left in that old-fashioned settee.

I say that because grandma's wicker or willow or cane chair pops up all over the place -- outdoors. Un-seatable seating has become one more yard ornament.

I mean, would you want to place your tender bottom on this seat?

Or this airy set of wires?

This sturdy chair might almost be comfortable -- if you could get into it. It sits right at the edge of an eight-foot roadside cliff.

This old swing also might be reasonably comfortable if it weren't as old as the hills and rather rickety. On the other hand, unlike the chairs above, the benches below might be usable. However, they are decorator objects, not seating, as the patio is actually out back of the house in question.

Viewed from another, kinder perspective, a chair or bench in the garden or front yard does carry the suggestion of a welcome. Maybe that's what it's all about.


Anonymous said...

If the furniture could talk, we would sure learn much.

TomboCheck said...

I've never been much for decorative furniture. If it's there, I'll sit on it. :)

Avus said...

I have always felt that the swing seat on the white wicketed front porch is so typically rural American and gives off a feeling of welcome and ease.
(All else you need is the tobacco pipe, whiskey jar and a spitoon!)

meggie said...

I love the bench at the top of the eight foot drop! Who put it there? Why? It is a wonder someone hasnt got it down, somehow.

Granny J said...

steve -- You wonder if the furniture grows lonesome after it stops being functional and becomes an objet...

tombo -- you'd be flat on your tuckus on the ground in no time on some of those seating arrangements.

avus -- you have reminded me -- I have not seen a genuine porch swing in my walks about town.

meggie -- I suspect that the owners of the house put the chair there as some sort of yard ornament. I don't think there is much thievery or mischief re: yard ornaments in Prescott.

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