Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Not your usual elk

Here's a different view of our Elks Opera House critter that I discovered while compiling a group of folders for future posts (FYI: subject matter, pigs and morning glories). I kinda liked it: moody gray day, greenery, he looks like he's ready to take off. Not your usual elk picture in other words. Enjoy.

Pandora's Box & Other Links: Right now I'm listening to a mix of Portugese fado, orchestral strings, flamenco & baroque. The potpouri courtesy of Pandora radio, a splendid source of almost any kind of music you can name; I think I'll add balalaika & Bollywood next! Other links of interest include KT's foots-on review of the new hiking path through the Dells ... another hike through the Madera Canyon in the mountains near Tucson with lovely pictures of grasses ... Warren's pictures of the outdoor sculptures at the Heard ... and a fascinating article about E. Haldeman-Julius (he of those provocative small-print ads for Little Blue Books way back when)?


Paul said...

Granny J, your not the only one with a pig photo.

TomboCheck said...

great snap GJ! Standing up on Union St by County lockup?

Pandora radio is THE BOMB! I find so many new artists through that site. Type in a genre, artist, or song that you like and it just starts matching the style to other songs. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

We can't listen to Pandora radio in Germany. They see where the IP address is coming from and post a disclaimer. I guess it has to do with copy rights or something. That's a shame.

Anonymous said...

How, I think you should submit your elk photo to a contest; love it!

We are hooked on Pandora also. Great Web radio app.

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

style -- did you ever apply the lipstick?

tombo -- there are a couple of "genre" concepts Pandora simply couldn't get. Bollywood muusic, for one; I got an off brand of American mod jazz on that request!

steve -- I understand that Pandora is threatened in the states, as well. That would be too bad. It won't make me buy any more records if they take it off the net; I'm more likely to find something new I never heard of & maybe even make a buy.

Granny J said...

anon av -- I liked it as a different take on a local icon. BTW, Tombo -- I think it was a drive-by shooting on Marina.

Melanie A. said...

I guess I should root for Pandora since they're down the street from me, but I'm more partial to Last.fm. If your Pandora access goes kerblooey, give that rival a spin.

Warren said...

great picture of the elk -- amazing how different it looks from this angle -- I like the way that its looking out over the horizon that we can't see ourselves... nice angle!

and thank you for the link to my blog!

Granny J said...

melanie -- thanks for the tip. Maybe they will know what I mean when I say "Bollywood music"

warren -- one has the impression that he is contemplating a long, long trek into mysterious lands that we mere mortals will never see.

kimmus122 said...

I'm listening to Pandora as I write...love it and also think it would be a huge shame if they took it away. It's always showing me new and interesting artists.

And thanks for the link to my blog, Granny J!

Granny J said...

kim -- I'm still trying to get some version of "Sakura" out of Pandora -- I mean the original Japanese version or music like it, of course. Thus far, I've gotten an interesting variety of space music when I called for Sakura.

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