Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Child labor

Photographed at the WalMart last night.


Prescottstyle said...

A greeter in training?

The Artful RV Adventurer said...

That's a great shot, Granny... Worthy of thousand captions.
Mine would be,

Previous work experience... "Studant"


Granny J said...

style -- I think he'd be happier in IT, or selling games, don't you think?

mark -- the kid was mesmerized. I thought I'd have to take a quick shot to get the picture, but he didn't move.

Anonymous said...

I've been busy, Granny J, but today's post was a most delightful greeting!

Goes to show you...carry camera wherever one goes, and the opportunities present themselves!

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

anon av -- I was about to send the Search & Rescue squad out to find you! You've got it quite right; I've learned that anytime I leave the house (or look out the window) & don't have a camera, a sorts of wonderful pictures present themselves and go Nyah nyah nyah at me.

David Kirk said...

My son loves to play with the hiring center computer at Wal-mart.

Granny J said...

dk -- I'm sure that kids can't resist that screen & keyboard; I wonder how many have applied for actual jobs!

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