Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Checking out the mountain ride

In the beginning, there was the Pinzgauer, which has been sitting at T Lo's, awaiting a mechanical once-over. This past weekend was a holiday weekend for the US Park Service ecologist, meaning a fine time to fly west to check up on his mountain ride and thus a fine time for me to schedule the new eye while the Sson was here. Got it? As the fates would have it, I got a new eye, but little had been done to the Pinz.

However, it wouldn't hurt to visit the shop to pet the vehicle. On Monday. A holiday. Nobody home. First a quick look at the competition product.

Here's the family Pinz, still awaiting work.

A few minutes commune with the vehicle, followed by a strange expression (below) and we were off to New Frontiers. German military vehicles and natural foods -- we're nothing if not eclectic.

And a correction from the Sson who writes: Remember if you will that the Pinz (truck) is Austrian in build, and came to us via the Swiss Army. Germans - the Pinz gets used by the German border and mountain rescue folks- the deutschers use that MOG in place of
the Pinz. And yes, as one of your readers did point out, the Pinz is named after a draught horse of legendary fame from the Alps. So also is that smaller cousin-truck, the Haflinger - a smaller pony, sort of like a burro. I am not sure, but I think the Pinz horse is modest animal- tough and strong and hearty. There is also a Pinzgauer breed of cattle...!


Cathy said...

Sure is good to have you back and posting!!

Kate said...

Hey! I want one of those! Glad to see you and your camera are hard at it again.

Hope all is well.

Avus said...

fun machines, those Pinzgauers. Did you know the name comes from a heavy Austrian draught horse breed?
Most appropriate

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that about the Pinzgauers. Wow.

Now, I'd like one of those horses!

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

cathy -- sure is good to be back & SEEING!

kate -- they are absolutely great out in the bush -- better than jeeps or similar 4WD vehicles.

avus -- thanks for filling us in. You, fortunately, live in country where there's no problem with Linz imports (and, besides, aren't they made in the UK these days?)

anon av -- or a Haflinger, maybe?

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