Saturday, October 03, 2009

Critters at my window

Actually, I had planned to blog about the end of the farmers' market season... or perhaps the wonderful contraptions over at the transportation building at the Sharlot Hall Museum... or possibly my favorite leather craftsman who makes gun belts. Those plans were, however, short circuited when I heard the raspy voices of a acorn woodpecker or two. Very close by.

Looking out my 2nd floor office window at the ledge just below, lo and behold, a pair of birds plus a third that took off. The second fellow skedaddled while I fetched up my camera, but I did manage to get two fairly decent shots of the remaining critter at close range. I just hope these guys aren't real estate prospecting -- don't need any holes in my house, like they've pecked out in others in the neighborhood. Look what they do to trees where they store their acorns.

My good luck continued, as I looked out the window while eating supper. There outside the window, with a sunset backdrop, was a large spider climbing up her guy line, swinging back and forth in the breeze. She didn't make very good headway and thus was still available for a portrait when I had retrieved the camera from office. Wonder if she'll be around come Halloween...

Still More Links: Great stuff from two of my favorite bloggers this weekend. Catalyst was busy, visiting both the County Fair and the Folk Music Festival; Warren down in Tucson took plenty of pictures of lighted art in the desert night at Glow 2009-- three posts in all, keep scrolling down. Another site of interest to those of us living in or near the woods: Wildland Fire, home of the wildland firefighter. Next, turn your sights up far into the sky: USA Today has posted a clever flash video showing the International. Space lab and how it has grown, element by element.Last but not least, a treasure trove of Mickey Mouse shorts.


azlaydey said...

Isn't it amazing how you can be at the right place at the right time for a really interesting photo opportunity !

Catalyst said...

Great to know you don't even have to leave your home to get great pictures. And those are great pictures.

Catalyst said...

Oh and thanks for the shoutout! :^)

Anil P said...

How privileged indeed you are in having these beautiful woodpeckers come visiting you. Did they return after their real-estate prospecting?

I hope they did. I have not seen similar woodpeckers in India. We have different species out here.

CinBud's Gold said...

Oh yes being there at the right time and camera ready for a great photo! Check out our critter photos in our blog, Always An Adventure.

Granny J said...

lady -- this was one time I hit it almost right!

cat-A -- thanks for the good word -- and for a neat visit to both the county fair and the folk music fest.

anil -- they are very pretty little fellows, looking just a bit comical. I'm of two minds about a return visit -- I like to see the birds close at hand, but they can be destructive, too.

cinbud -- mainly, I learned how to find gold over at your blog! I'll have to go back & see how many rattlers you've photographed in the past couple of months.

Anonymous said...

What gems in today's post!

And, I like spiders. Their webs in the early morning hours, covered with dew, shimmer like jewels!

~Anon in AV.

kate said...

Love the woodpecker shots! The spiders... mmmm... don't love those quite as much! :-)

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