Wednesday, October 21, 2009

$ign of the times: empty job shop

The store front looked empty to me; the Sson insisted that there was no reason to have any visible accoutrement in order to run a day labor operation. After all, we were down at the little strip mall in the Valley on a Saturday, when such a store would be closed no matter the state of the economy.

I will continue to insist that, to me, it appears that the market for itinerant labor down in the Phoenix area is one of the victims of our current economic woes. Makes sense.

The Day's Linkage: We've all heard about the ghost who haunts the Hotel Vendome -- but ghostly doings back when the county lock-up was in Prescott? Read all about it at Doin' Time. Speaking of ghostly doings, Prescott Style is promoting a Zombie Walk along Whiskey Row for Halloween. Jarart caught a terrific pic of animal and rider as a horse applied its brakes. And for those of you who blog on Blogspot, there's a very useful site, BloggerSentral with all manner of useful information.


Steve said...

Where do you think the day workers moved on to?

Granny J said...

steve -- probably a lot of them went back to Mexico.

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